Cedar Lodge in Idyllwild

Each room at the Cedar Lodge is individually decorated in a beautiful theme.

Cedar Lodge can be rented as an entire house with all amenities.  For more information and reservations, Contact Quiet Creek Vacation Rentals (click here).


Lily Rock Terrace

The Lily Rock Terrace is a suite with its own sitting room parlor.  The parlor has a beautiful gas fireplace, and a loft with a full-size mattress bed where guests or children can sleep.  In addition it has a private deck with beautiful views of the pines, and a full double-sink bathroom with tub.  Of course it has its own TV and fridge.







lily-rock-doorway   lily rock bath sink


The Garden Room

The Garden Room opens on to the back garden of Cedar Lodge.  It has its own private deck area in the back yard of the Lodge.  Like all rooms, it has its own fridge, bathroom and TV.

garden-room-window  garden-room-bed










Thee Cottage

Thee Cottage is a standalone room with its own fireplace, fridge, TV, and king bed.  It has its own terrace with a beautiful wisteria tree providing privacy and coverage.