Cedarwood Essential Oil – Uses and Benefits for Beauty and Health

Besides their beautiful fragrance and intrinsic benefits to the plants themselves, they offer much more. For many years, essential oils have been used in health-care practices, in food preparation, and beauty treatment.

You may have experienced the fragrant qualities of an essential oil without even being aware of it. Ever enjoyed the lovely scent that comes from a rose? That essentially is the aromatic fragrance of an essential oil.

Naturally occurring, you will find these volatile aromatic compounds in flowers, roots, bark, seeds, stems, and other plants parts. These compounds are not only beautifully fragrant but powerful too.

What is Cedarwood Essential Oil?

The major components that make up cedarwood essential oil are many. They include cedrol, widdrol, alpha-cedrene, thujopsene, beta-cedrene, and a particular group of sesquiterpenes.

When combined, they all contribute greatly to the cedarwood essential oil benefits. Among the numerous uses for cedarwood essential oil is a broad range of physical and emotional wellness applications.

These oils can be used as complex blends or as single oils. This will depend on your desired benefit and experience. Cedarwood essential oil is regularly mentioned in the Bible.

It is deemed as one of the premier essential oils to be extracted from nature. The Orientals and the ancient Egyptians used it for embalming the bodies of their dead.

These days essential oil cedarwood it is extracted from the needles or wood of the Cedar Tree through steam distillation. There is another interesting factor, perhaps unknown to many. This is the fact that cedarwood essential oils can at times be made from another source: waste cedar wood chips. This means that it is possible to benefit from repurposed and recycled wood.

Choosing your essential oils

The type of essential oil that you settle on will largely be based on what you intend to use it for. Are you, for example, treating a burn, managing arthritis, looking for an insecticide or do you seek to boost your mood? There is actually no “laundry list” specifying which essential oil is to be used in treating which health condition or meeting that specific need. Rather, you must get proactive, carry out some research and read reviews from authoritative websites like this one.

Here Are Our Top 5 Cedarwood Essential Oils

Cedarwood Premium 100% Pure, Best Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

image of cedarwood essential oil uses theraputic grade

If you are possibly asking yourself what is cedarwood essential oil good for, then one of the best answers is found in this therapeutic essential oil. Many reviews have described Cedarwood Premium 100% Pure as the most amazing and unique smelling Cedarwood Oil on the market today. The manufacturer is bold enough to guarantee your money back. This is if, for any reason, you are not totally mesmerized by their product!

  • Uses Cedrus deodara, one of the most therapeutically effective Cedarwoods
  • Distillation facility is FDA Registered, ISO 9001, GMP, and Kosher certified
  • Processed through rigorous controls & quality testing
  • Superior experience that comes with a money back guarantees if you are not satisfied

The healing solutions offered by Cedarwood Premium 100% Pure are superior because this cedarwood essential oil blends well with over 170 different oils. What has set this therapeutic grade essential oil apart is the ingredient’s superior cultivation from the world’s best. When these are combined with a superior distillation plus high-quality bottling process, it guarantees that you only get the best.

Majestic Pure Cedarwood Essential Oil

Majestic Pure comes as a brownish-yellow viscous liquid. It has a sweet woody rich, almost balsamic smell. The strength of the initial aroma that you encounter can range from medium to strong. It has been extracted through a steam distillation process of wood pieces taken from the Cedar Wood Tree. The major components that include beta-cedrene, cedrol, alpha-cedrene, thujopsene, widdrol, and several sesquiterpenes all contribute to its health benefits.

  • Promotes healthy, clear skin
  • Maintains and supports healthy functioning of the respiratory system
  • Soothing and relaxing aroma ideal for massage
  • Helps quick skin recovery
  • Money refund guarantee

This is a premium quality essential oil that is unfiltered and undiluted with no fillers. It is non-toxic, has no additives. It is suitable for both vegans and vegetarians. It is delivered in a safe dark amber glass bottle that has a glass dropper.

Sun Organic Cedarwood Best Essential Oil

With high-quality sourced ingredients that are carefully harvested, Sun Essential Oils are some of the most effective products on the market today. They contain no chemical additives or dangerous alcohol you are likely to find in lots of other oils.

Often, irritability and fatigue are due to many different factors that in most cases are not easy to pinpoint. Rather than make guesses or consume unhealthy medicines or some other substances that could contain dangerous toxins, why not try something unique? Clear your mind and body with Sun Organic Cedarwood Best Essential Oil!

Pure SUN ORGANIC aroma-therapeutic scent will work wonders on you.

  • Therapeutic grade essential oil for aromatherapy, relaxing, massage, bath, hair, candles, stress, and calming your body
  • Sun organic purest oils with no added chemicals
  • Soothing high-quality fragrance
  • Scent comparable to Doterra
  • Improves your energy levels and boosts mood
  • Sun Organic has over 100 scents
  • 100% money refund guarantee if you are not happy with outcome

Once you smell this essential oil, you will begin to notice that most other brands tend to have a distinct chemical or alcohol smell that comes with a 'dry' scent. Most the other oils noticeably lack depth. Nothing else can compare to Sun Organic Cedarwood Best Essential Oil – it will leave you feeling vibrant, energetic and happy once again.

This cedar oil is also considered an excellent natural bug repellant, particularly when dealing with fleas.


image os what is cedarwood essential oil used for

The healing and medicinal qualities of UpNature-Best-Cedarwood-Essential-Oil are said to be second to none. This reminds the user that all the therapeutic needs we require are to be found in nature for it gives us everything. The benefits of UpNature-Essential-Oil makes it something not be missed in your medical cabinet. These includes being antiseptic, antiseborrhoeic, Sedative, antiseptic, astringent, and an anti-inflammatory.

  • 100% pure natural cedarwood essential oil
  • Scent is not overpowering
  • Steam distilled
  • Gentle and effective
  • No additives or toxins
  • Undiluted and unfiltered
  • Therapeutic grade
  • Non-GMO

The mission of UpNature is to enhance the health of as many people as possible, while at the same time impacting people's life positively. With UpNature-Best-Cedarwood-Essential-Oil, you will not be bothered by bugs, insects, & rodents once you start using it. Directly applying cedarwood oil to your body is thought to bring better outcomes in terms of repelling insects and fighting bugs. However, it should be diluted.

Now Foods Cedarwood Oil

image of essential oil cedarwood Now Foods Cedarwood Oil

Eczema is a common disorder of the skin that tends to cause red, dry, itchy skin that easily cracks or blisters. Now Foods Cedarwood Oil has ingredients that can treat the inflammation leading to the irritating skin issue. This is by reducing the pealing of your skin and curing the infection through its numerous antifungal properties.

Here is a bullet list:

  • The main ingredient is pure cedarwood oil
  • Warm, balsamic, woodsy aroma
  • Relieves stress, strengthens and empowers
  • Quality assured & purity tested

The extraction method is through steam distilling from Cedarwood Texas and Virginian Cedarwood trees. For best results when using Now Foods Cedarwood Oil spray liberally on your clothing and skin. You can reapply after a couple of hours.

When Now Foods Cedarwood Oil is blended with the equally effective NOW Foods Lemon Eucalyptus Oil, you get one of the best bug repellants.

The History of Cedarwood Essential Oils

Himalayan Cedarwood and Atlas Cedarwood are thought to have been the very first types of essential oils ever distilled. Historical and cultural records indicate that both the wood and its oil were extensively used for a range of purposes. This included cosmetics, incense, and medicine.

For centuries, Himalayan Cedarwood resins and essential oil, as well as the bark and pine needles have been used in Ayurvedic and traditional medicine. Cedarwood essential oil uses ranged from rheumatoid arthritis to health issues that are less severe such as colds, coughs, and hiccups.

Cedarwood oil was used by the both the early Greeks and Egyptians. The ancient Greeks used essential oil cedarwood for preserving bodies. They had a belief that it helped towards making one immortal. The Egyptians used it in embalming, for cosmetics and in perfumery. Even today, it is still being used by those peoples in aromatherapy applications.

Many today are convinced that the Cedar Trees of Lebanon could have been the original tree that produced the oil used in ancient times. Its powerful fragrance was used as an insect repellent. The tree was also an important source of building materials.

Cedarwood oil was used in the Far East as a preservative and incense. An addition, it was used as a remedy for bronchial and urinary tract infections. The Tibetans used it in their traditional medicine as well as incense in their temples. Even today, it is still in use among the Tibetans. It is also interesting to note that priests in the Bible often used cedarwood oil during their ceremonies of purification. Obviously, they were aware of its purifying properties. The plant species that gives us these essential oils are very closely related to the Cedars of Lebanon are mentioned many times in the Bible.

Types of Cedarwood Oils

Cedarwood is normally found at elevated altitudes and is essentially a plant native to climates that are cold. While many essential oils commonly use the term “Cedarwood”, there are several kinds of cedarwood oils. However, the true and original cedarwood essential oil is derived from the Atlas Cedar Tree. In the US, Virginian and Texas Cedarwood are also sold under the general tag of cedarwood.

Even to make it more confusing, there are several other types of trees which also yield some form of “cedarwood” oil. It is also important that you don’t confuse the Atlas Cedar Essential Oil with Virginian Cedarwood or Texas Cedarwood essential oil as these have different chemical characteristics.

Extracting Cedarwood Essential Oils

The extraction process of Cedarwood Essential Oil is done through steam distillation from Cedar tree wood pieces. Depending on the location, the Cedar Tree essential oils can go by different scientific names such as Juniperus Virginiana, Cedrus Atlantica, Cedrus Doedara, and Cedrus Libani. However, the different (and complicated) names used in describing this product don’t affect the therapeutic uses of the oil, and they are many.

What Os Cedarwood Essential Oil Used For?

Many people are quite familiar with Cedarwood oil particularly because of its aromatic qualities. It is also well-known as an insect and bug repellent. This essential oil dons many hats. It is anti-bacterial, antiseptic, astringent, sedative, aphrodisiac, as well as a circulatory system and skin stimulant. There is, however, much more to this essential oil beyond these remarkable aromatherapy benefits.

Here we look at some of the well-researched medicinal Cedarwood essential oil benefits.

Natural diuretic

Cedarwood is a well-known natural diuretic that can work positively on several health conditions. These include high blood pressure/hypertension, urinary tract infections, and accumulation of toxins in the blood system. Being a natural diuretic, it boosts urination frequency. This is medically known as one of the best mediums for the removal of toxins like uric acid, body, and excess water. The accumulation of toxins and extra water are the main factors behind some of the above-mentioned ailments.

Reduces arthritis and rheumatism

Inflammation of body tissues and the joints, the most common arthritis symptoms can lead to great discomfort or debilitating pain. The use of cedarwood essential oil can lessen the impact of these symptoms. By using the oil externally on your skin or inhaling it, you greatly reduce the inflammation. This effectively minimizes stiffness in the joints.

Cedarwood essential oil blends well with a carrier oil in making a soothing massage. This, when rubbed into the specific muscles and joints that are affected offers great relief. Alternatively, you can add between 5 and 10 drops of the blend to your hot bath.

Respiratory problems

Congestion and coughing are something that we all experience at some point. And we know how disruptive and annoying these symptoms can become. Cedar Tree based essential oil helps in clearing phlegm as well as other breathing difficulties associated with colds, flu, coughing, and congestion. Cedarwood essential oil is useful in easing breathing symptoms associated with common sicknesses such as flu and colds.

Before going to bed, simply rub a couple of drops on your chest. Alternatively, directly sniff the oil from the container when needed. You can also make a steam bath by adding several drops to a sink filled with hot water; get your head covered with a towel. Then deeply inhale the steaming vapors for about five minutes.


Women experiencing irregular and obstructed menstruation definitely stand to gain from using Cedarwood Oil, being an emmenagogue. This means that it stimulates and acts a menstruation catalyst, while at the same time regularizing the cycle. The pain associated with menstruation and side effects such as mood swings, fatigue, and nausea also get relieved by the regular use of this essential oil. This is because it can impact the hormonal functioning of the different glands of the woman.

Antiseptic & anti-inflammatory

Cedarwood oil stops your wounds from getting septic. It also protects them from contracting tetanus germs. You can safely apply cedar oil externally as an antiseptic on wounds. It has even been used as one of the ingredients in several herbal antiseptic creams. Cedarwood essential oil defends your body against toxins. It thus relieves the body’s immune system and white blood cells of the extra stress. This allows them to continue performing more effectively in protecting your internal organs.

Inflammation of body tissues and the joints that normally lead to great discomfort and debilitating pain can be somewhat lessened by the topical application or inhalation of the oil.

Hair and Skin Benefits

Cedarwood essential oil benefits extend to treating dandruff and managing greasy hair that tends to have a lifeless and dull look dull. It can also be used in several different ways that can benefit your skin. It is known to relieve eczema, psoriasis, itching, cures oily skin and treats acne issues.

Insecticide & fungicide

For a long time, cedarwood oil has been used as an insect and mosquito repellant. It drives away nagging mosquitoes, flies, moths and other insects when used in vaporizers. It is often sprinkled on bed sheets or pillows at night to keep off mosquitoes as well as other irritating pests and bugs while you sleep.

Cedarwood essential oil uses include treating fungal infections, both internal and external. This is because it has good fungicidal properties. It has been proven that you protect yourself against a number of animal, human, and plant fungal pathogens by inhaling cedarwood oil. It also gives cover from several types of food poisoning.

Fragrances for perfumes

Even when you got no valid medical reason why you should use cedarwood essential oil, there is another excellent reason, its unique scent. The cedarwood essential oil scent is best described as a balsamic, delightful, woodsy aroma that will leave your entire dwelling smelling glorious! Additionally, it is proven to work wonders on your mood and mind. You can also use the cedarwood scent as a special homemade deodorant either as a blend or on its own. It is also extensively used in making cosmetics, detergents, and soaps.

Why Is Cedarwood Essential Oil Better than Other Similar Oils?

The health benefits that are associated with Cedarwood essential oil are many and varied. They can largely be attributed to the properties of this oil. Some important uses include:

  • Diuretic
  • Antiseptic
  • Tonic
  • Antiseborrhoeic
  • Antispasmodic​
  • Sedative​
  • ​Expectorant
  • ​Insecticidal
  • Emenagogue
  • ​Astringent
  • Fungicidal substance

Some people even swear by the sheer power of this essential oil in terms of bringing a warm, woodsy sense of calm. You will not find another single essential oil that can deal with so many conditions or with such a large number of uses!

Best Ways of Using Cedarwood Oil

Cedarwood essential oil blends well with certain types of carrier oils that you can use for proposes of dilution. If diluted properly to below 3% dilution levels, cedarwood essential oil is relatively safe and may be used even for Children. For kids under age 1, cedarwood is certainly not recommended at whatever dilution level. For Children over 1, in general, a 1% dilution (or less) is safest. That translates to 6 drops of oil (or less) per ounce of your carrier oil.

  • Inhale directly or add several drops to a sink that has been filled with some warm water
  • Diffuse your cedarwood oil at the ratio of 2-5 drops to 1 teaspoon of carrier oil
  • Massage into sore muscles using the same ratio as given above(1 tsp to 2-5 drops)
  • Spray the diluted oil to the affected skin
  • Add a couple of drops to your regular bath

As always, when you are intending to use essential oil Cedarwood as a topical anesthetic, take suitable precautions. Ensure you first test it on a small section of your skin prior to applying on a larger body area.


Besides the numerous aromatic benefits we have reviewed above, cedarwood essential oils also contains the constituent Cedrol. This is proven to enhance relaxation, mental focus, and balance. While Cedarwood essential oil benefits are numerous, it is important to recognize that it could also produce skin irritations. This is particularly so if used in very high concentrations. Expectant women are advised to steer clear of using it altogether.

Different from some commonly available essential oils, cedarwood oil should never be ingested. Cedarwood essential oils are highly potent oils. Potentially, they can cause thirst, nausea, vomiting, and severe damage to your digestive system.

Used with care, this essential oil is very useful. However, it makes lots of sense to seek further professional guidance if you are unfamiliar with their usage. In France, for instance, its use is restricted as it possesses neuro-toxic and abortive abilities.

Robin Marri Miller reminds us that prior to topically using any type of cedarwood essential oil it needs to be diluted using a good carrier oil. It is also important to keep any cedarwood essential oil out of your eyes, nose, and ears. Also bear in mind that not all essential oils are created equal, therefore test the brands carefully and always use as recommended by its manufacturer. This is why we have only reviewed the best so that you can make an informed choice!