Cedar Table – Your Best Choice For Rustic Outdoor Table

There is something uniquely special about turning part of your yard into some sort of open-air family space during spring and summer. Certainly, it's less expensive than having to add another extra room to your house. After all, who needs those enclosing walls, anyway? Today, living in the open has a "green" appeal. Somehow, it connects you back with nature. It is the new way of comfort and relaxed living.

However, your yard or garden décor needs to be more than just appealing to the eye. It has to be sturdy enough to withstand the elements. One of the best opt¬ions for your outdoor furniture is cedar. It is particularly a good choice if you also want to match your rustic outdoor table and Adirondack chair with other home furnishings. This is because it stains and paints very well. This also gives your outdoor pieces such as a rustic table made out of cedar good protection through the different seasons.

Both Western Red and Northern White Cedars are found in plenty across North America. Western Red Cedar is to be found largely in coastal forests and on the western edge of North America’s coastal mountains. Traditionally they have been used for house siding, boat building, and for both indoor and outdoor furniture.

The wood from these trees is highly valued due to their unique blend of being lightweight and having an interesting grain pattern. Their extreme durability, even when used outdoors, is another outstanding attribute. Although your cedar patio table will show cracks and knots in the grain, you can be assured that it can serve you for over 20 years without showing any signs of splitting, warping, or rotting.

When you leave it in its natural state over time, the light-colored surface of cedar wood weathers to an elegant silvery-gray patina. Also important to note is the fact that since cedar retains much moisture, instead of drying out, it tends to become more resistant to cracking compared to many other types of woods. This is certainly a plus for outdoor furniture which is often exposed to the elements for long periods.

Choosing Your Cedar Table

Although your outdoor cedar table should be appealing to the eye and also boost the appeal of your patio, don't spoil the total value with cheap items picked from just any cedar tables for sale outlets. That is why we have selected the following 5 outdoor cedar table options for you.

1. WELLAND Mushroom End /Coffee Table, Cedar Wood Stump Flower Root/Stand

You can conveniently use the WELLAND mushroom table as a coffee table base, end table/stool, indoor plant stand or outdoor stool. Each table has been hand-carved by experienced artisans such that no two tables are exactly similar in shape, design nature, or measurements.

The WELLAND Mushroom End /Coffee Table has been constructed using reclaimed cedar stumps and finished with a unique natural lacquer for easy care. Amazon reviews have described this table as simply unique and natural in style. This rustic outdoor table is not only well hand-made but also very sturdy. You will certainly love it.

Here is a bullet list:

Environmentally friendly being constructed using reclaimed cedar stumps

Offers easy care & maintenance

Unique shape as each is hand-carved to ensure no two are alike

Can be put to multiple uses – coffee table, end table/stool, or plant stand

Makes an ideal and unique gift package

You can decide on the paint shade for the table

The prime characteristic and essence of the table’s root artwork is the unique blend of aesthetics and practicality. These are designed to meet your practical living needs as well as your need to appreciate culture-art.

The natural design, gorgeous color, and exquisite craftsmanship lead to the ideal blend of nature and art. This is the perfect side table for your indoor chaise lounge. Well, it may be little pricey but certainly well worth for it makes a fabulous fun stool! It is simply fabulous and highly recommended.


2. All Things Cedar 6' Picnic Table with Attached Benches

There is absolutely no better place where you can enjoy a home-cooked family barbecue than when it’s done right next to the grill in your garden with your own picnic table. The study All Things Cedar 6 ft. Picnic Table With Attached Benches completes the idyllic scene. Featuring a pair of spacious bench seats firmly attached to the table frame, this picnic table offers lots of family seating space as well as for your guests.

Here is a bullet list:

Spacious dimensions measuring: 30H x 70L x 60W inches

Constructed using solid Red Cedar

Has a natural cedar finish

Planked classic picnic tabletop

The benches offer comfortable & spacious seating

The entire frame of this rustic outdoor table is made using solid Western Red Cedar. It has thick planks that come with a protective natural finish suitable for preventing water-caused damage (rot and/or warping). For maximum stability, it has an A-frame wide-legged design. You can choose to either finish the table with good penetrating oil or simply leave it to weather to a natural silvery grey color.


3. Lakeland Mills Cedar Log End Table, Natural

This cedar outdoor table will go well with any log seating outdoor piece. It is particularly suitable if you own a rocking or lounge chair. Lakeland Mills Cedar Log End is a cost-effective way of adding great versatility to your cedar furniture collection. It’s in addition, a low-key and charming piece that will match a variety of decor styles. These can range from the softly traditional to the sleek contemporary. This table is a byproduct of the log industry and is designed using a renewable resource.

If you are looking for a piece to complement your poolside or Lake House setting, go no further. The Cedar Log End Table is not only appropriate and charming but also very functional. The spreaders and legs of this table, which is also accessible in select cedar tables for sale outlets, are made of weather and insect resistant white cedar. The top, however, is made using pine.

Here is a bullet list:

Feels super sturdy

Has a really nice look

Naturally insect & rot resistant

Can be finished using a penetrating quality oil finish

Can be left to weather gracefully to a natural silvery gray color

The rustic, simple style brings a touch of easy grace to your space. This Cedar Log End Table is also very functional. You can place it next to your seat to hold snacks and drinks or arrange it to suit your outdoor patio needs. When left to age gracefully, it will mellow to a lovely natural silvery gray color. Beautifully boost your home or garden with this versatile multi-purpose Cedar End Table.


4. Cedar Side Table with Shelf & Stained Finish, Amish Crafted

Cedar which has been used to make this rustic table is not only dimensionally stable and lightweight but also naturally resistant to cupping, warping and splitting. It gives your patio cedar side table natural resistance against the elements. Western Red Cedar is known for its long natural life even when used outdoors.

Here is a bullet list:

Nicely matches the style of your Adirondack chairs

Finished by hand dipping in Silicone Magic

Ecologically safe as it is finished with water based Silicone Magic

Excellent water-repelling characteristics

Has UV light protection

Only uses bolts & screws

Pre-assembled components

Made by Amish craftsmen

Directly shipped to you

To give you the best finish, this side table has been finished using Silicone Magic that has a cedar tint. Besides being ecologically safe, penetrating, and water based, Silicone Magic gives a highly flexible film. Additional qualities include being resistance to chemicals and mildew. It also offers UV light protection.


5. Cedarlooks 0200300 Universal Table

This table is naturally resistant to the elements, decay, & insect damage. When you leave it untreated, its natural creamy color will gracefully weather to a silvery grey. The Cedarlooks 0200300 Universal Table is very sturdy, well made, and folds flat for convenient and storage.

Here is a bullet list:

Universal table that can be used for many different activities

Easy to assemble

Can be stained, painted, or alternatively left to weather gracefully

The construction ensures you get maintenance free use

Assembling the Cedarlooks 0200300 Universal Table is easy. It comes to you as two pre-assembled shelves. All you have to do is simply attach the 4-legs as per the accompanying instructions which are pretty easy and straight-forward. The table is extremely light weight which makes it easy to shift around whenever you want to. Certainly a very convenient piece of furniture!


About Cedar Wood

Much of the cedar used for woodworking comes largely from the Pacific Northwest. It is generally referred to as Western Red Cedar. There are, however, other types of cedars also available. They have several variations between them, but they all fall under the banner of Cedar.

As early as the late 1700s, people living in the Pacific Northwest of North America were already using Western Red Cedar. This was many years before the white explorers discovered its significance. While they may not have used it to make a modern red cedar table, native carvers shaped the wood to craft beautiful ceremonial boxes, totem poles, and masks.

When they came, the white settlers too began to take advantage of the cedar tree’s attributes. They started making sidings for their frontier homes, shingles, and it into shakes. These applications still account for the bigger portion of commercial usage of the wood, closely followed by outdoor structures like gazebos, decks, and fences. A fast-rising sector is in the making of outdoor patio furniture such as red cedar table units as well as Adirondack chairs.

Durability and sturdiness are some of the notable benefits associated with cedar furniture. Greatly valued for its strength, cedar wood makes a fine choice for your patio furniture. It has been highly valued since ancient times.

Where Does Cedarwood Come From?

Western Red Cedar does very well in the coastal forests stretching from the northern parts of California all the way to southern Alaska. It also grows in commercial quantities in the mountainous regions of Montana and Idaho. However, the coastal forest British Columbia region supplies the most. Under prime conditions, Western Red Cedar can attain diameter greater than 10' and heights soaring to over 100'.

Northern White Cedar is mainly logged from the eastern parts of Canada to Maine in the US and along the northern side of the Appalachians. It then goes westward to the northernmost parts of the Great Lakes States. The greatest Atlantic White Cedar production centers around North Carolina as well as along the Gulf Coast all the way to Louisiana.

Atlantic White Cedar thrives in freshwater swamps found in New England all the way to the Gulf Coast of Louisiana. It shares similar characteristics with the Northern White Cedar.

Why Choose a Cedar Outdoor Table

When it comes to choosing the most suitable wood material for your outdoor table, your best bet is to first assess how you are planning to use it. Another vital consideration is how much time you are willing to spend on its maintenance. For your patio or yard outdoor table, natural wood generally has a very attractive look. It also makes sturdy furniture that you can also comfortably use indoors. Natural wood doesn’t need regular treatment although it may do much better when given UV protection. Your best choice is to go for weather-resistant woods like cedar.

The truth is that outdoor tables and even Adirondack chairs can actually be made using any wood or even plastic. Therefore, why should you choose cedar? Let’s look at several reasons.

Natural Properties

Owning cedar outdoor furniture comes with many beneficial natural properties. The cedar odor is rather pungent. While it is pleasant to humans, it helps in repelling insects. Cedarwood oils help in protecting against decay. This makes the wood ideal for use even in the muggiest of climates. Because of these properties, your outdoor furniture such as Adirondack chairs or cedar table also effectively resist fungal and bacterial growth.

In addition to being naturally beautiful, cedarwood is incredibly versatile and durable. This is why you can use it in making lots of items such as roofing shingles, sidings, and of course, beautiful outdoor furniture. The preservative oils found in cedar give it a unique characteristic smell, appealing to humans while making your furniture rot and insect resistant.

Dimensional Stability

Cedar has incredible dimensional stability. Similar to all woods, it naturally attempts to equalize its moisture content so that it matches the air around it. However, different from lots of other wood types, cedar doesn’t contract or expand too much as it absorbs or evaporates moisture. In itself alone, that is an extremely important factor. Why is that so? While other denser, harder woods will generally tend to warp or crack as seasons change, cedar doesn’t warp or crack. If you are living in a locality that tends to experience wildly changing humidity levels, then cedar is your best option.

Insulation Ingrained

Cedarwood contains tiny air pockets inside the grain. These air pockets protect cedarwood from temperature changes. Even if it is hot outside, your cedar outdoor table (or other furniture made out of cedar) doesn’t become hot to the touch. Of course, this translates into more comfort using your furniture pieces during the hot summer months.

Heavy Duty Wood

Because this wood is relatively heavy, your cedar patio table will easily withstand the power of wind without getting overturned or blown away. Cedar is, in fact, almost as strong as the mighty oak making it a solid choice for your patio furniture for obvious reasons.

Low Maintenance and Affordability

Cedar furniture in general needs minimal maintenance to remain looking immaculate. This, of course, gives you more time to enjoy your outdoor furniture. In terms of affordability, when you compare cedar to other similar outdoor furnishings, you will discover that it is quite reasonable.

Highly Durable

Cedar is extremely weather and decay resistant. For your rustic table made with cedar, you can let it age beautifully and beautifully into a silvery gray color. This is because you will be using it outdoors most of the time. Alternatively, you can opt to stain it about once every two years to retain the fresh new look.

If your cedar furniture will permanently stay outside throughout the entire year, its best to treat it so that you can enjoy the services for longer by extending its natural life.

Ecologically Friendly

Cedar furniture is simply awesome for your patio, porch, or garden. Cedar can be used to suit any artistic design you have in mind. The aromatic red cedar table, will, for example, be an excellent way giving your patio a new look. Besides the artistic factor, the cedarwood oils produce an aroma that is very pleasant as well as having insect repellent capabilities.

Protecting Your Outdoor Cedar Table

A quality cedar table is a substantial investment. Protecting it is obviously a primary concern. When treated properly, your cedar furniture can serve you for decades without any signs of degradation. By simply taking several simple steps in terms of ensuring proper protection, you can continue to enjoy the services of your cedar table or other cedar furniture items for many years. When you take good care, your outdoor furniture will not only last longer but also retain its appeal.

Cedar is a very tough wood with anti-microbial properties. This makes it a fine choice for furniture, particularly for use outdoors. While it is resilient, you will it still need to give some basic care. Some of the things or strategies you can employ in taking care of your outdoor cedar furniture so that it serves you well for long include the following.

Storage Off-Season

While cedar is an excellent outdoor choice, extended periods of exposure to the elements will inevitably take its toll. Of course, the easiest strategy in terms of protecting your cedar furniture is by keeping indoors or covered during the off-season. During winter, move the furniture into a storage garage or invest in furniture covers. Often, outdoor tables and chairs loungers are designed to easily fit into zippered furniture covers.

Use Wood Sealer

The majority of preassembled cedar furniture comes pre-sealed by the manufacturer by the time you are buying it. These sealants will serve you well for some time, but if you want your furniture to remain in top shape, you will need to give it a new coat every 1 or 2 years. Quality sealants prevent accumulation of dirt on the furniture surface. They also prevent mold spores and water from penetrating through the wood pores. This has the effect of preventing wood warping and extending the life of your valuable wood items.

Your outdoor cedar table will not only fade but crack when exposed to constant UV rays and lots of rain. It, therefore, needs protection from the elements. A quality deck sealer will provide the needed cover to avoid wood turning grey or discoloring due to sun exposure. When looking for wood sealers it also helps to get those that contain UV-protectant chemicals. The benefit is that they keep the natural tone of your cedar table from fading.

Avoid Power Washing

Power washing your outdoor furniture is not recommended even for the sturdiest of woods. According to Rick Ray, when you power-wash your outdoor furniture, effectively, you are opening up the wood seams. Eventually, these will form cracks. If, for instance, you have a red cedar table, only scrub along the wood grain direction.


Many homeowners are increasingly turning to furnishing their yards and outdoor spaces. This has become an effective way of adding valuable living space to their homes instead of undertaking costly room additions. This is one reason why the use of cedar in making outdoor furniture is gaining popularity even more. Today, you can have a quality cedar table or other forms of outdoor furniture that will give your patio a truly pleasing look and more value. With cedar, even though it is a lightweight wood compared to, for example, the Oak, you will not in any way, be sacrificing strength. Cedar wood is at 80% of the strength found in the mighty Oak!

Traditionally, a rustic table made out of cedar will cost you less than Mahogany or Teak, yet it gives you similar weathering benefits just like its more expensive rivals. Choosing a cedar patio table makes lots of sense both in regards to quality of material and monetary value. With one of my tables reviewed above, you cannot go wrong!