Cedar Outdoor Furniture – Wonderful Living from Cedar Wood

Most of our garden, balcony, patio and other types of outdoor furniture can be made from a diversity of materials. However, nothing can beat natural wood for the beauty, elegance, and warmth it brings to the home.

A garden bench or lounge chair brings the idyllic finishing touch to your yard’s landscape. Under your favorite tree or at the end of a winding garden path, a comfortable and relaxing lounge bench or chair provides a place where you can sit and relax. This is a place where you can unwind from daily pressures and contemplate nature in total bliss.

When wood is going to be used for outdoor furniture; it’s vital that you choose a weather-resistant, durable variety. Cedar wood is suitable for timbers, flooring, shingles, decking, beams, and even boards. Wood from the cedar tree is popularly used in making furniture, particularly for chests and foot lockers.

Paradoxically, because cedar tends to retain much moisture within, it comes with an added advantage. Instead of drying out, compared to most other types of wood, it becomes more resistant to cracking. This makes this type of wood very suitable for outdoor furniture pieces.

These trees were instrumental in the life of the Aborigines who referred to them as "trees of life." These gigantic trees were used extensively, and in different ways within the Aboriginal culture. They were used as building wood for their dwellings and their coffins. Their canoes were simply made by digging out the cedar tree trunk.

Cedar may not come as hard as many other wood types but its timber has excellent structural stability and offers decent shock resistance. The hardness rating of cedar timber is 900. Artificial treatments to preserve Cedar are not necessary because it has extractives and oils that are toxic to pests and fungi. Essentially this means that with cedar wood furniture you will not be concerned about your furniture decaying.

Having noted the above, here are 5 top Cedar outdoor furniture products that should form part of your rustic cedar furniture collection.

1. Cedar-Glider-Stained-Finish-Crafted

The Stained 4' Western Red Cedar outdoor furniture will comfortably seat two persons. This makes it a great item for your patio or balcony. Silicone Magic has been used to enhance the finish. Silicon Magic possesses excellent water-repelling features that sustain long-term protection.

• Naturally resistant to insect damage, rot, and decay

• Lightweight strength & low warping properties

• Contour seating & edges routered for comfort

• No nails used, only bolts & screws

• Components are pre-assembled for easy assembly

• Long natural outdoor life

• Quality item by Amish craftsmen

• Directly shipped to you.

Each of the gliders has been finished using Silicone Magic for an enhanced cedar tint. The finish qualities promote extensive breathability that allows air to escape from the used substrate. It also offers the cedar wood UV light protection and excellent water-repelling characteristics.

This is a beauty in whatever location you place it!


2. 4' Natural Cedar Porch Swing, Amish Crafted

This majestic swing seat comfortably holds two people. The Western Red Cedar that has been used in making the 4' Natural Cedar Porch Swing gives your rustic cedar furniture beauty, natural strength, and natural resistance to pests and the elements. Cedar is dimensionally stable, lightweight, and naturally resistant to warping, splitting, and cupping.

Here is a bullet list:

• Naturally resistant to insect damage, rot, and decay

• Uses no nails, only bolts and screws

• For easy assembly, shipped in pre-assembled components plus simple instructions

• Quality product by Amish craftsmen

• Directly shipped to you.

The 4' Natural Cedar Porch Swing, Amish Crafted comes with contoured seating, springs, and chain for maximum comfort. It has been made using natural tight knotty Cedar and non-staining hardware. Each piece comes to you ready for applying a clear finish, staining, or simply leave it natural. Talk about natural beauty easily assembled!


3. 2 Pack Solid Cedar Folding Adirondack Chairs

The summer dream in America is to relax under a tree or sit on the patio and do absolutely nothing. You can now do this with the convenience offered by the compact folding design of the 2 Pack Solid Cedar Folding Adirondack Chairs. Cedar gives your patio or garden furniture beauty. It is strong and naturally resistant to the elements, very suitable for your relaxation outdoors.

Here is a bullet list:

• Natural Solid Cedar

• Easily folds when you want to store

• A convenient 20 inches wide seat

• Shipped with all Hardware

• Easy Assembly.

Why not enjoy a quiet retreat with the sweet cedar aroma encircling you? This Adirondack Chair folds, which is beneficial if you will have to stow away your furniture during the winter. You can buy this rustic cedar furniture piece with confidence because it comes with an "Amazon A-to-Z Guarantee.”


4. Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Lounge Chair, Natural

The Lakeland Mills Cedar log lounge chair brings a unique and nostalgic rustic atmosphere to any environment. These Cedar Log Lounge Chairs are a bit different from the typical Adirondacks you will find at the local furniture store. For one, they have been contoured just right!

The Lakeland Mills chair back doesn’t lean too far back and they are also not too upright.

Here is a bullet list:

• Curved for more comfort

• Made of weather & insect resistant White Cedar

• Log home industry by product

• Made using a renewable resource

• Easy assembly

Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Lounge Chair is not only comfortable but looks nice. In addition, the front is contoured for maximum comfort. Though they look nice, you can enhance that with a good finish. If you want to stain it, this brings out the best results when done prior to the assembling.


5. Cedar Side Table with Shelf & Stained Finish, Amish Crafted

Cedar outdoor furniture made with Western Red Cedar has many advantages. It is known for its low warping properties, lightweight strength, and long natural life when used to make outdoor furniture. It is recognized for its durability when used outdoors, low warping properties and lightweight strength. Naturally, it is resistant to decay, rot and insect damage.

Here is a bullet list:

• Shipped to you in pre-assembled components making assembly easy

• Only uses bolts and screws for assembling

• Quality furniture by Amish craftsmen

• Shipped directly.

To enhance the finish, each Cedar Side Table has been finished on each side by being hand dipped in Silicone Magic that has a cedar tint. Silicon Magic has UV light protection as well as excellent water-repelling features. The finish is water-based, ecologically safe, clear drying, and highly flexible & penetrating.


Where does cedar wood come from, what type of tree?

Cedar wood is obtained from a number of different Cedar trees that grow in many different parts of the globe and used extensively. At one time, Cedar from Cedrus, a genus of the coniferous family tree was a key timber used extensively in the Mediterranean area in shipbuilding and making quality red cedar furniture. It was exploited severely for thousands of years leading to massive depletion.

Is there plenty of cedar wood around?

Where you are located geographically will determine the cost and the availability of most Cedar furniture for sale items as well as the required raw materials for their production. Western Red Cedar is easily available in the Eastern and Midwest U.S. Western Red Cedar stock generally tends to look more straight-grained, are naturally decay resistant and more dimensionally stable. Another kind of stock is the Northern White Cedar which has a creamier white color.

How does it protect against bugs?

One of the main factors why the Western Red Cedar species is more widespread in usage is because of its resistance to bugs and pests. On a regular basis, trees get heavily attacked by a wide range of wood-boring insects, countless pests, mites plus other creepy crawlies. However, thanks to its oils, Western Red Cedar has a natural protection barrier from most of these pests. The oils that are found within the tree tend to act as a natural insect repellent, effectively acting as a deterrent ring to the would-be attackers.

What is cedar wood oil used for?

Cedarwood, surprisingly, has essential oils that contain antiseptic, antifungal, astringent, diuretic, and sedative properties. The oil has the power to boost the functioning of your organs, improve your skin, tighten muscles, and improve your digestive system as well as metabolism.

Cedarwood contains an essential oil that is useful for your family medicine cabinet. Not only does it have external health benefits, it also improves your circulatory and digestive function. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that cedars are the most mentioned trees in the Holy Bible, symbolizing abundance, wisdom, and protection.

What else is cedar wood used for?

Siding- Because it’s free of resin and pitch, Western Red Cedar takes to stains, finishes, and oils exceptionally well. This means that the color options for your siding color are virtually limitless. And the same applies to your style options. You can, for example, opt for the traditional warm feel of a layered bevel. Alternatively, you could decide to streamline the look of your home with a tongue & groove siding or even decide to become imaginative and create your own pattern.

You cannot overlook the matter of cedar wood texture which makes it possible to get a clear grade for a contemporary, crisp look. You could also choose knotty if you want an extra dose of rustic charm – impossible with synthetic products!

Decking - Whether you are a Do-It-Yourself renovator with a free hand on the completion date or a contractor working to meet a tight deadline, nobody wants to mess around with construction materials that could complicate your decking project. That’s why so many home improvers like working with Western Red Cedar lumber. It lies flat and straight, so it’s super easy to fit in place.

In addition, this structurally solid and sturdy wood is amazingly light which make it’s easy to haul around the work site. After all, deck building should be something to be enjoyed and not a painful task of hauling heavy timber pieces around.

Outdoor use - Imagine yourself creating a private outdoor sanctuary. Ideally, how would you like it to appear? Perhaps you would want a tranquil sanctuary where you could decompress with your favorite drink after a hard day. If so, Cedar is your best option as it offers endless opportunities when it comes to making elegant and durable outdoor furniture.

The malleable and warm undertones, yet extraordinarily strong, Cedar properties are ideal when it comes to furnishing your patio with a personal touch such as seen on Adirondack chairs.

Indoor use – Although Cedar is generally used more in outdoor settings such as fencing, siding or outdoor furniture, indoor Cedar wood furniture is equally popular. Because Cedar has an incredible weight-to-strength ratio, it produces durable furniture that is also easy to relocate or move around indoors if need be. The cedar bedroom furniture made with Northern White Cedar is particularly eye-pleasing due of its creamier white color.

Cedar chests - These amazing vessels are known to have been providing the human race with convenient storage from the time of the Egyptian pharaohs. Said to deter insects such as moths, the distinct, sweet smell of cedar is typically what we associate with this large traditional chest that is believed to represent hope. This wood is proven to repel fungus and insects, and also protect your fabrics. Many have even opted for cedar bedroom furniture due to the sweet aroma it gives in that private and intimate haven.

How does Cedar do so well in furniture?

You have a broad range of materials to choose from when buying your outdoor furniture. Today, outdoor furniture is not limited to only picnic tables and chairs. You can now have almost anything you wish to be part of your patio or yard. And with Cedar, you can have not just durable outdoor furniture but you can also give it your personal touch. It is also among the finest available woods for making the best wicker outdoor furniture for your yard, garden or balcony.

Cedar’s unique properties help in preventing it from sagging with the passage of time. The cellular structure of the wood is what allows cedar to dry quickly, keeping its inherent strength intact. This amazing wood also boasts of an amazing weight to strength ratio making it both easy to shift around and very durable. Bob Cedar brings the point home when he observes that Cedar outdoor furniture is perhaps the only class of wooden furniture you would have enough confidence to invite one of the Phoenix Cardinal players to sit on during a visit to your residence. And you know how huge those players are!

When it comes outdoor all year performance, all woods are not created equal. Only a select few from the endless available options have the durability needed to withstand the elements. Outdoor Cedar furniture is resistant to the kind of damage typically caused by insects, fungus, rain, sun, snow, hail, and sleet.

Although cedar shows cracks and knots in the grain, it is known to have a durability that can reach over 20 years without splitting, rotting or warping. Over time, the light-colored surface of Cedar wicker outdoor furniture will weather to a lovely silver-gray patina.

Working with Cedar

Cedar is easy to work with mainly because it is lightweight and easy to carry. The majority of woodworking operations that involve cedar wood are a pleasure. You will easily cut, plane, shape, sand, glue, and finish cedar without too much stress. It is also accessible in long straight lengths with true grain. Cedar is very dimensionally stable, will rarely warp, split, cracks, cup, or twists - it remains flat and straight.

Among all available softwood species, wood from a Cedar tree is thought to possess the best properties when it comes to finish-retention. It possesses a remarkable ability to preserve lots of wood finishes. Primarily, this is due to its exceptional dimensional stability. However, several other factors also contribute to the stability such as a fine texture, freedom from resin and pitch, and a unique growth pattern.

Wood Stability

Cedar is a dimensionally stable and lightweight wood that stays relatively straight and lies flat. It is a particularly strong wood, not prone to sagging or warping. This means it resists the tendency to crack, common among lots of other wood species. Cedar wood has a low specific gravity of 0.33 as well as a density of 22 lbs. per cubic foot. Effectively, this makes cedar not only one of the lightest softwoods but soft too, making it malleable. The low density gives this wood outstanding thermal insulation properties.

When looking for exceptional durable and rustic furniture, it will be an excellent idea to consider cedar items. Due to its strength, your cedar furniture can possibly serve you for about30 years. Certainly, this is a much longer duration compared to the majority of other outdoor furniture options like particle board or pine.

For making items for the outdoors, cedar furniture is seen as a fine choice. Lighter than oak and less expensive compared to teak, cedar outdoor furniture possesses advantages making it suitable for placement outdoors.

Graceful aging

To retain that graceful original look of cedar wood over the years, you may decide to apply paint on it. If however, you decide on leaving it untouched, your furniture will gradually weather into a silver shade or lovely gray. This happens to all type of cedar and it is also pleasing to the eye.

A protective coating becomes necessary if you wish to retain cedar wood furniture in its original, rich color. This will give your mountain cabin or cottage, Cedar log furniture or cedar patio furniture the feel and look of authentic wood, at the same time maintaining an elegance that’s been recognized for many years.

Affordability and low maintenance

To keep your furniture made with cedar looking good requires very little maintenance. This, of course, gives your family members or guests more time to enjoy the services of your cedar outdoor furniture. When compared to the majority of other similar outdoor furniture, getting cedar furniture also costs you less.

Owning cedar patio furniture has many benefits. It is strong, affordable, and low maintenance. Cedar resists fungal growth, repels insects, and it does quite well in areas of high humidity. Cedar makes a great choice for both indoor and outdoor furniture such as Adirondack chairs.

What is an Adirondack chair?

To lots of people, it may be just another chair for relaxing outdoors, but the Adirondack chair is much more than that. This seat, which also goes by numerous pseudonyms, is a symbol of the American cottage country, of watching the sunset over the vast water, of long summer days by a lake.

The original designer of the Adirondack chair was Thomas Lee. Searching for a comfortable chair from which his family could enjoy their summer home, Lee began experimenting with chair designs. That is what gave birth to what we know today as the Adirondack chair so recognizable by its oversized armrests, and slanted seat and back.

It is said that after getting his family members to test the best of his creations, Thomas Lee showed his concept to a local carpenter friend of his, Harry Bunnell. In 1905, Bunnell secured and patented the design.

One legendary speculation is that the name Adirondack was chosen because tuberculosis patients at a convalescent home in the Adirondack Mountains used to take in the fresh and therapeutic mountain air sitting in these chairs.

Compared to the original designs that were mainly made out of Basswood and Hemlock, the Adirondack chairs of today come in more options ranging from the iconic Cedar outdoor furniture such as folding chairs to plastic versions.

Is cedar a renewable resource?

It has been proven that in terms of environmental performance, compared to all synthetic products, natural wood is in every way superior. While the majority of other materials used in building generate greenhouse gasses, it has been shown that Western Red Cedar does the opposite. It actually eliminates a good amount of greenhouse gasses from our atmosphere.

Red Cedar, unlike cement, brick, and composites, is biodegradable and renewable. In addition, today, Red Cedar is generally sourced from sustainably managed world forests.


Choosing the right type of wood for your outdoor and indoor furnishings is, first of all, a question of priorities. After determining the right balance between sustainability, longevity, and your budget, from there it is a simple case of aesthetics.

However, for outdoor furniture, the aspect of longevity is very important. These pieces of furniture will spend most of their life exposed to the elements. So next time you visit your favorite cedar furniture for sale outlet, remember that besides being durable, Cedar outdoor furniture is not only beautiful and elegant but very durable. Timber from a Cedar tree is easy to work with and you can design a broad range of rustic Cedar furniture.

Whether you are setting your poolside, outdoor seating area or a small lounging seat and table by your tub, or even choosing Cedar bedroom furniture, this is the ideal durable wood. With the above comprehensive review of the various aspects of cedar outdoor furniture, we are sure you are now well-equipped to make the best choice