Cedar Adirondack Chairs – We Review The Top 5

Adirondack Chairs:  Even for someone who doesn’t know the name as it goes by, you would probably easily recognize an Adirondack chair if you saw one. The beauty of this unique chair style lies in its simplicity. Wood slats form the seat’s back rest with slanted seat portions and equally basic wooden planks that serve as the unpretentious, wide arm rests. The short legs are designed to rest just a couple of inches above the ground.

In the Adirondack region the most iconic animal may be the moose, but the Adirondack chair is certainly its most recognizable object. Although today there are all manner of variations that range from plastic colorful chairs to 2-person benches, the original design was created in the early 1900s using cedar wood. It lives on even today as the hugely popular Adirondack chair cedar design.

This simple Adirondack rustic furniture is generally made of wood for use outdoors. Originally it was made using 11 flat wooden boards that featured a straight back, arm rests and the seating portion. Today, the advent of several man-made materials has led to different styles of chairs made from hard plastics and polymers.

In Canada, the chair might be known as the Muskoka chair, after the Muskoka cottage country beloved by many Ontarians who flock there every summer. Among the French-Canadians, this chair has yet another name, the Laurentian chair, after one of the regions in Quebec.

Adirondack chairs have in modern times become synonymous with luxury, comfort, and places of rest. They have become very popular as mountain cabin furniture, beach furniture, and of course, the original lakeside seating. You are likely to spot them on balconies, patios, in back yards, or porches across the US. The Cedar Adirondack chairs have truly become a staple item when it comes to outdoor furnishings in many parts of the world today.

While they are hugely popular, perhaps the toughest decision comes when you want to choose the best Adirondack furniture for your outdoor space. Here we review the 5 best Adirondack chairs we have found.

1. Folding Cedar Adirondack Chair, Amish Crafted

Western red cedar is recognized as an extremely durable wood as it is naturally resistant to insect damage, decay, and rot. This qualifies cedar as an excellent natural material when you want quality outdoor Adirondack rustic furniture. It is recognized for its low warping properties, lightweight strength, and long natural life when used outdoors.

The Amish crafted Cedar Adirondack Chair has been made using 6 simple slats for the backrest and broad armrests.

Here is a bullet list:

Quality made by Amish craftsmen in the USA

Made using natural Western Red tight knotty Cedar and non-staining hardware

For easy assembly, shipped in pre-assembled components plus easy-to-follow instructions

Comfortable contoured seat

Edges routered to give rounded smoothness

Comes ready in case you wish to apply a finish at your home

Can be left natural, which turns into a pretentious gray over time

This Adirondack chair folds for easy storage.

This is one of the best Adirondack chairs, made with quality Cedar and good construction. Each piece comes is ready for a clear finish, staining, or simply leave it natural. When you leave the Western Red Cedar natural, it weathers to an unpretentious gray. If you are considering a finish, you can achieve a very traditional rustic look. When combined with polyurethane that has UV light protection, the results are even better.


2. 2 Pack Solid Cedar Folding Adirondack Chairs

Constructed using Natural Cedar, these 2 Complete Folding Adirondack Chairs have proven themselves to be naturally bug resistant and weather proof. They are capable of holding up excellently in all manner of weather.

These Folding Adirondack Chairs are completely natural and unstained. The chair weighs approx. 20 lbs. and has been rated to hold up to 225 lbs.

Here is a bullet list:

Foldable for easy storage

Comes with all needed hardware for assemblage

All hardware is rustproof

Routed edges for safety

Rated as really nice chairs on Amazon

Received 3.8 out of 5 stars and going at a great price.

These folding chairs are easy to assemble. This is a great feature as it makes storage easy. This can be a very handy feature during bad weather or when seasons are changing. The majority of other Adirondack chairs lack this important feature. It is designed using 5 slats and folds easily for storage. This is one Adirondack furniture item you will love!


3. Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Lounge Chair, Natural

If you like sitting out in the comfort of your yard to enjoy the fresh air, then the Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Lounge Chair is what you need to get. This chair has been made with you in mind. It has a high back, contoured seat slats to give one of the most comfortable outdoor wooden chairs. Superb comfort and great rustic looks make this chair something not to be missed in your yard or patio.

Here is a bullet list:

Made using weather and insect resistant white cedar

Made from a log home industry byproduct and renewable resource

For greater comfort, has curved seat slats

Can be finished using any good penetrating oil finish

You can leave it to naturally weather to an eye-pleasing silvery gray color

Very easy assembly

Compared to the standard classic Adirondack chair, the Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Lounge Chair is solid and heavy. It is certainly more comfortable as they are built to sit much higher off the ground. The Lakeland log locking Cedar Adirondack chairs bring a rustic nostalgia atmosphere to any home environment.


4. Double Cedar/Fir Log Adirondack Chair

Choosing the most suitable Adirondack chair for your patio, outdoor space or yard could be a difficult task. This is due to the rich abundance of choice available. When you have invested money and time into creating your own private heaven at home, certainly you will want to ensure that only the best furniture is found there. The Double Cedar/Fir Log Adirondack Chair certainly fits that bill.

Cunninghamia Lanceolata (Cedar/Fir) is naturally insect and decay resistant, giving you this long lasting Adirondack rustic furniture. This is an item to be enjoyed for many years. This double chair has a special table that makes a fantastic way of enjoying the outdoors with a loved one or friend over a drink.

Here is a bullet list:

Amazing quality and very comfortable

Made with durable solid wood

Pre-assembled for you

Very handy outdoors or indoors

Natural color

The construction of Cedar Adirondack chairs has been made using Cunninghamia Lanceolata (Durable cedar/fir) that looks amazing when stained, painted or even left unfinished. Because it comes pre-assembled, it is very convenient. Even if you need to do the assembling yourself it is very easy. This bench can hold people of different sizes for the wood is extremely steady. Compared to the majority of Adirondack chairs on the market, this Double Cedar Chair is very cost-effective.


5. Lifetime 60064 Adirondack Chair

The Lifetime 60064 Adirondack Chair has been constructed using weather-resistant polystyrene, is UV protected with an eye on outdoor use. Different from wooden furniture, the UV-protected simulated wood doesn’t warp, splinter, or rot. It will never require varnish or paint. So you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon with friends or members of your family without a care in the world.

The polystyrene durable material gives the traditional look you would expect from natural wood without the necessary maintenance. As it comes with the extra advantage of being completely weather resistant, you will not have to be bothered by chipped paint or wood splinters.

Stainless steel screws used in making these Cedar Adirondack chairs are rust-resistant and require minimal assembly. When you combined that with UV-protected Polystyrene, you get a Lifetime Adirondack chair design that will last through the toughest of weather conditions.

Here is a bullet list:

Classic comfortable design

Constructed using UV-protected simulated wood

Does not peel, crack, or chip

Easy to clean & stain resistant

Assembled with stainless steel screws

Made using High-Density Polystyrene

Easy & quick assembly

The Lifetime Adirondack’s classic design is ideal if you want to place it in your patio, backyard, or poolside. Relax and let the seat’s contoured design and aesthetic looks transport you into peaceful paradise away from the day’s hassles.

The slats have been designed to facilitate quick water drainage. You will not encounter the problem of standing water on your seat after some downpour. This is the perfect Adirondack rustic furniture addition to your patio or yard. It can also fit indoors.


Who invented Adirondack chairs?

According to patent #794,777 that is dated 18th July 1905, Harry C. Bunnell a US citizen invented the Adirondack chair. However, despite that patent Bunnell was not actually the designer of the chair.

Thomas Lee, a friend of Harry was the original creator of the Adirondack chair first around 1903. Lee was apparently looking for comfortable outdoor furniture that would be suitable for his Westport, NY country cottage. His cottage was located near the mountainous Adirondack region of NY, on Lake Champlain’s banks. That would explain the popular description, Adirondack outdoor furniture.

According to legend, Thomas Lee made a couple of prototypes using only 11 knot-free wood pieces. He used all 22 members of his family to test each of the chairs. Finally, Lee settled on the wide armrests and gentle recline of what we have now come to identify as the Adirondack chair. It is said that Thomas showed his chair design to his friend Harry C. Bunnell, a local carpenter. Apparently, Bunnel needed money to tide over the financially tough winter months. Bennell not only began to successfully manufacture the chairs but patented the design.

What makes an Adirondack chair comfortable?

To begin with, it all comes to down to how the weight of the person using the chair is distributed. It has been so designed that your weight gets distributed evenly throughout your back and upper legs. So rather than get a stiff back and possible upper legs pain, you will feel not only feel comfortable but refreshed after using the chair for extended periods. The rationale behind this enduring legacy of comfort is not a mystery for it lies in simplicity and unpretentious.

When you sit down for long periods on certain chairs, will be left feeling tired, achy and worn out. When it comes to one of these cedar Adirondack chairs, matters are different. No matter how long you sit, you will be feeling refreshed and fully rested without having experienced stiff muscles due to sitting for too long. This chair is, simply put your best all-around comfort seat as far as outdoor Adirondack rustic furniture is concerned.

Why do people like Adirondack chairs?

When thinking about getting outdoor furniture, it obviously makes great sense to consider your favorite style. Before you head to the furniture shop to equip your poolside, yard or patio, it pays to first identify and know which style interests you the most.

Adirondack chairs are unusually recognizable, and many people like them very much for different reasons.

Here is a bullet list:

• First of all, Adirondack chairs are liked by many people because of their uniquely useful design.

• Second, they have been designed in a way that they can double as an extra table where you can place drinks or food on their wide armrests. They thus create extra space.

• Thirdly, an Adirondack chair can operate as your end table, making it possible to comfortably read your newspaper, book or magazine. All this is possible because they come with extra-wide armrests.

• Fourth, and perhaps the best part, is that they are available in all manner of styles and designs.

Adirondack chairs can be lounge chairs, outdoor dining sets, a bench, and or even designed according to your specific requirements. So in terms of versatility, Cedar Adirondack chairs are certainly leaders.

Why do we care about cedar or what is so great about cedar?

You might be asking yourself what is so special or unique about Cedar when pitted against other types of wood. Reasons are many and diverse. For example, compared to the widely used pine, Cedar lasts 8 times longer, weighs less, has a natural pest repellent, and is more resistant to rot and decay as it contains less water.

Cedar has extraordinary dimensional stability meaning that it doesn't change its dimension or size despite the prevailing weather or temperature conditions. When pitted against comparable patio furniture, Cedar not only offers superior Adirondack rustic furniture but its cost is quite reasonable. When properly treated and taken care of, cedar Adirondack chairs can serve you for several decades without any signs of degradation.

Do cedar chairs need to be finished?

Cedar is commonly used in lots of building products such as decking, siding, doors, sheds, fencing, shingles, blinds, gazebos, windows, shutters, and in garden planters. Although they will require periodic maintenance, Cedar products can be safely left without a coat of paint or any finishing. You can also use Cedar in its natural state with a suitable stained finish or perhaps painted or even specially primed.

Because Cedar Adirondack chairs don’t require too much care to maintain its good looks, you will end up having more time to enjoy the services it provides. It is most likely that at the time of acquiring your cedar furniture, it came pre-sealed. These manufacturer sealants last you for a while, but every one to two years, the furniture needs a new coat if it is to remain in top shape. Sealants are good at preventing water, dirt, and mold spores from making entry into your furniture through wood pores thus preventing warping. This, of course, extends the life of your Adirondack outdoor furniture.

Is cedar a renewable resource?

Wood is the world’s only renewable building material. Real Cedar is a renewable resource and saves energy. According to a study that compared the cost of producing wood products against other materials like steel or concrete, wood requires much less energy.

Besides the cost, Cedar wood naturally comes with unique thermal properties. It insulates and conducts heat better than concrete and steel thus saving even more energy when it comes home cooling and heating. The Study findings proved that compared to alternative materials, wood is environmentally superior. When you get Cedar Adirondack chairs, you are investing for the long-haul.

Is cedar good or better for furniture generally, and specifically Adirondack chairs?

Because your garden or patio furniture typically spends much of its life outdoors exposed to the elements, it must withstand rot, decay, and pests. Some materials are, of course, better suited than others for this task. Because it contains natural oils, Cedar is particularly resistant to possible damage from exposure to water, decay, and even bugs.

Compared to lots of other kinds of outdoor furniture, Cedar is certainly more likely to retain for longer periods its original appealing appearance. Generally, it will serve you for longer. Cedar Adirondack chairs makes an excellent option if you live in climates that are particularly wet. The Cedar tree adjusts naturally to the surrounding moisture conditions. Because of that, the wood it gives is more suited to areas that experience constant drizzles such as the Pacific Northwest.

What is a folding Adirondack chair, and why do I care about folding?

Comfortable, classic, and cool, the folding Adirondack chair brings grace and elegance to the overall decor of your landscape, patio, or poolside. Folding Adirondack furniture is obviously much better for outdoors locations because when it comes to handling, they are much easier compared to the variety that doesn’t fold. This feature is very important if you must haul your outdoor furniture inside to avoid the ravages of snow every fall and then drag it outside come spring. Similarly, if you are living in an area that experiences unexpected rain, it makes sense to go for folding Adirondack chairs.

Even if you don’t own a condo, home or are not renting a home in a location that is prone to snowy winters, appreciating folding Adirondack chairs is not too hard. These chairs will easily fit into any living arrangement providing all the comfort and relaxation which their more traditional counterparts cannot offer.

Are there good alternatives to cedar for Adirondack chairs?

While the original Adirondack chair was designed with a single thick wood plank that served as the chair’s back, the Adirondack of today makes use several thinner pieces of wood as the backrest. This effectively makes it more comfortable than its predecessor designed by Thomas Lee in 1903. Adirondack chairs of today are available in more options than simply Cedar, Maple, Basswood, Redwood, and Hemlock. We even have versions made of metals or recycled plastic.

You can choose your Adirondack chairs from natural wood, weather-resistant polystyrenes like the Lifetime 60064 Adirondack Chair or various finishes and colors to match your individual style. While the original Westport Cedar Adirondack chairs were only available in natural colors, today they come in all colors such that they perfectly blend into whatever surroundings you place them.

Over the years, carpenters, artists, and weekend furniture craftsmen have all developed their own interpretations of the original Cedar Adirondack classic design. With the passage of time, we now have many versions all falling under the “Adirondack” chairs label. These range from low seated, slant-back, and wide arm-rested chairs made of wood to plastic material chairs.


The famous Cedar Adirondack chairs are classic, stylish, comfortable, and come with a rich American history. Adding this iconic piece of Adirondack outdoor furniture to your landscape or patio is an excellent decision. You will be amazed at the variety of options that are available for you to choose from, in terms of design, size, material, and color.

Nowadays, these chairs are available in all types of configurations to suit different needs. You are going to find them up outside mountain cottages, down at the coast along the beach, by the lakeside, in front, and behind homes. Indeed you will find them everywhere else you can think of. Foot extensions, sophisticated headrest, and cup holders are some of the exotic add-ons you are going come across today in the endless variety of Adirondack chairs.

Using the Adirondack chairs reviews and recommendations provided above, we are sure that you will achieve a beautiful outdoor space that is not only comfortable and relaxing but one full of unique beauty. Adirondack chairs bring natural colors to your environment. They bring some unique furniture to your space and complement your personality.

You home deserves to be a worthy place of retreat where you can relax in total comfort. And perhaps nothing that does it better than furnishing it with Adirondack outdoor furniture. No matter your choice, these are very hospitable chairs. Your family and guests will enjoy their comfort on any summer day. If you want to add the best Adirondack chairs to your environment, then with the above top rated review, you cannot go wrong.